Medical Alchemy and Medical Astrology Qi Anatomy and Physiology. Seven Chakras, Seven Pranas Vital Energy, etc.

The History of Pranavedic Medicine

Ancient Medical Traditions: Egyptian and Ayurvedic Medicine, Alchemy, Taoist, Greek, Philosophy, Science, Arts, Astrology, Homeopathy, Spagyrics.


The Tree of Pranaveda

The Four Roots : (1) Philosophia, (2) Panacea, (3) Hygiea (4) Praxis.

The Eight Branches: (1) Alchemic Pharmacy (2) Internal Medicine (3) Therapeutic Diet (4) Medical Astrology (5) Physical Medicine (6) Surgery (7) Public Hygiene (8) Internal Alchemy


Prana Medical Philosophy

Pranaveda Doctrines: Life, Growth, Health and Death, Maat-Harmonia, Neters-Entias, Correspondences, Signatures, Sympathies & Antipathies, Three Doshas, the Seven Planets, the Five Elements, Praxis, Paradoxes.


Prana Anatomy and Physiology

Pranaveda Medical Concepts: (1) Ba-Phoenix-Soul-Sulphur-Body, (2) Ka-Celestial-Spirit-Mercury-Body, (3) Knat-Elemental-Physical-Salt-Body, (4) Ankham-Archeus-Vitality, (5) Maat-Harmonia, (6) Neters-Entias, Pathology, (7) Planetary Constitutions, Systems, Organs, (8) (Diagnosis, Case Taking, Prognosis, (9) Therapeutics, Case Mangement.


Prana Materia Medica

Alchemic Medicines: (1) Home Remedies, Magic Medicines, (2) Spagyric, Herbal Remedies, (3) Sympathic, Homeopathic Remedies, (4) Universal Medicines, (5) Quintessences, (6) Celestial Medicines, (7) Spiritual Medicines.


Prana Alchemy, The Way of Harmony

Seven Jewels of Internal Alchemy: (1) Maat Lifestyle - Saturn, (2) Maat Arts - Venus, (3) Maat Diet - Jupiter, (4) Maat Medicines - Mercury, (5) Maat Exercises - Mars, (6) Maat Dreaming - Moon, (7) Maat Meditation - Sun.


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