Perpetual Calendar

Find the Day of the Week You Were Born On, Your Planetary Constitution!

Use the calculator or the charts below.

Enter your Birthdate

Perpetual Calendar Charts

Following the three steps described below will enable you to determine the calendar for any month in any year from 1753 through 2030.

Note: Although these calendars all indicate 31 days per month, remember that September, April, June, and November have only 30 days, and February has 28 except in leap years when it contains 29.

Step 1:

Note the letter that follows the year you want.

Example: For the year 1955 the letter is F.

Step 2:

Under that letter, note the number corresponding to the month you want.
Example: Using the letter from above, go down F column until you reach the month desired, in this example it's August and the number is 1.

Step 3:

Using the row of the number from step 2 find your birthdate; the resulting day above that column will be the day of the date and month you chose.
Example: In row 1 the date desired is the 2nd. Therefore August 2nd, 1955 was a Tuesday.


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