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"A homeopathic practitioner should be well learned in all aspects of homeopathy and be willing to explore further into the areas where Hahnemann boldly took the first steps." - Robin Murphy, ND

Lotus Health Institute Certificate Course Catalogue

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The Clinical Homeopathy Certificate Course is a comprehensive study of homeopathic philosophy and practice. The 500+ hours required for the Certificate in Homeopathy (C.Hom.) from the Lotus Health Institute are completed through home study of the Audio Seminars. These seminars on homeopathy and natural health practices are designed for those who wish to learn these subjects in a profound, systematic, and creative manner.

The LHI Certificate Course offers extensive studies in LM potencies and water dilutions including Homeopathic pharmacy, treating acute and chronic problems, as well as case analysis and case management. Although testing is not included as a mode of evaluation, specific requirements must be met to obtain a certificate.

The Lotus Health Institute is dedicated to the highest standards of clinical homeopathy as taught by Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) in the 6th Edition of his book The Organon of Medicine written in 1810.

Below is a brief overview of the course. Download the full course information packet from the link to the left.







A module includes a set of 5 Audio CD Seminars and the accompanying books. The module option can be completed according to the recommended study track or can be self-designed. To complete the course in about two years, a module should be completed every 3-4 months. To complete the course in about three years, a module should be completed every 4-5 months.

OPTION 1 -Recommended Module Study Option -Students may start the course with Module 1 of the Audio CD Series. After completion, of the first module, and the student can then move onto the next module until all eight modules are completed. (see page 26-27 for certificate course outline)

OPTION 2 -Self-Designed Module Study Option -Students may start the course with any five of the Audio CD seminars of their choosing. After completion, the next set five Audio CD seminars of interest may be chosen, until the student completes all eight homeopathy modules.

OPTION 3 -Self-Designed Study Option -Students may start the course with any of the Audio CD Seminars of their choosing. After completion, the next set Audio CD seminar of interest may be chosen, until the student completes all 40 homeopathy seminars.




Homeopathic Philosophy
Practical Homeopathy: Hahnemann's Health & Healing Philosophy, Organon Studies, Constitutions, The Vital Force, Vitality, Law of Similars. Hering's Principles. Chronic Miasms, Homeopathic Pharmacy.

Homeopathic Practice
Case Taking and Management: Clinical Philosophy & Practice, Case Histories, Potency Selection, Changing the potency and remedy, Repeating the Remedy. Toxicology, Drug reactions, Homeopathic Repertory, etc.

Homeopathic Techniques
Homeopathic Prescribing Methods: Historic Methods, LM Prescribing, Emergencies and First Aid, Acute Diseases, Constitutional, Chronic Diseases, Epidemics, Miasms, Psychological Prescribing, Isopathic, Tautopathic, Organopathic, Water Potencies, etc.

Homeopathic Therapeutics
Homeopathic Clinical Topics: Acute disorders, Breast Cancer, Cancer, Children's Health, Dental, Emergencies, Epidemics, Eyes, Ears and Nose, Fevers, Gastroenterology, Geriatrics, Infections, Musculoskeletal, Nervous Disorders, Psychological Disorders, Skin Disorders, Vaccinations, Women's Health, etc.

Homeopathic Remedies
Homeopathic Materia Medica: Keynote Materia Medica, Comparative Mat. Med., New, Old and Forgotten Remedies, Isopathic Remedies, Tautopathic Remedies, Environmental Remedies, Psychological Repertory, Herbal tinctures, Twelve Cell Salts, etc.




Grading Standards

Research projects and modules will be graded with Complete (C), or Incomplete (Ii). Students may be issued a grade of "H" for honors or "P" pass for extra credit or special projects that have been approved by the faculty.

Credit for Prior Learning

Students may apply to receive some credit for courses previously taken, if approved by the faculty. Receipts or transcripts may be required. Some prior credit is given for attendance at previous seminars given by Dr. Murphy, N.D. only if the seminars have been designated as part of the certificate or diploma course.

Elective Credit Hours

Elective credits can be obtained from 1. special projects, approved by the faculty. 2. the Prana Medicine CD series or by 3. attending of live seminars on Homeopathy, and Lotus Qigong.




A Certificate in Homeopathy (C.Hom) is awarded when all requirements of the Homeopathic Certificate Course are completed.

Graduates may use the designation, C.Hom, after their name signifying their certificate in homeopathy from the Lotus Health Institute and Robin Murphy, ND.

Students are awarded the Certificate in Clinical Homeopathy from the Lotus Health Institute once the following requirements have been met and evaluated. Candidates for Certificate in Homeopathy complete the following:

Graduation Procedure

  • Step 1: Required Credit Hours -The 500 credit hours can be completed through the Homeopathic Audio CD seminars as well as attendance at live seminars or approved special credit hours.
  • Step 2: Module Completion Forms -Each student should have 8 Module Completion Forms to go along with their Application form. These forms represent the completion of all 500 credit hours of homeopathic study. page 28
  • Step 3: Financial Obligations - Discharge all financial obligations to the Institute.
  • Step 4: Research Paper -A research paper is required for certification. This paper may be on any aspect of homeopathic philosophy, history, practice or research. This is an opportunity for students to acquire special knowledge and training in areas that interest them and would apply to a future practice of Homeopathy.
  • Step 5: Remedy Project - (Homeopathic pharmacy) Creation of a new remedy from native raw materials. Knowledge of local herbs, plants, trees, and shrubs is an important part of any homeopathic practice.
  • Step 6: Case Histories: Case Histories assignments - Ten typed Homeopathic case studies with evaluations and follow-ups. Acute or chronic cases can be submitted.
  • Step 7: Certificate Granted - Notification of Graduation will be sent and the Certificate in Homeopathy, C.Hom. will be granted from the Lotus Health Institute and signed by Robin Murphy, ND.



Lotus Health Institute Certificate Course FAQ

The cost of the course and the different payment options are outlined in the downloadable course information packet.

The course generally takes two years. However, you can go faster or slower. It's up to you. The course is completely done at your own pace from wherever you are.

You do not have to pay for materials you have previously purchased. The cost of the materials you already own will be deducted from the cost of the course (subject to approval).

Yes you can. The course is a self-paced, self-study, distance learning course, so you can take it from wherever you are. The learning materials are sent by mail and consist of books and CD sets.

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