This podcast is an excerpt from Dr. Robin Murphy, ND's "Dental, Mouth and Throat" Lecture CD Set. Dr. Murphy discusses the dietary harmony and food as provings. 

Dental, Mouth and Throat
Comparative Materia Medica of dental remedies. Clinical and Repertory review of teething difficulties, toothaches, dental surgery, TMJ and jaw disorders, bruxism, cavities. Discusses remedies for amalgams and their removal. Mouth and throat disorders, thrush, strep and herpes infections, adenoids, tonsillitis, laryngitis, speech problems. Reviews dental, mouth and throat rubrics from the Homeopathic Medical Repertory.



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The first mistake people make when they diet is that they look at everything biochemical and physiologically, okay? There's a higher way of looking at diet. And all foods have a vibratory rate. Now, this is the genetic harmony that I'm talking about. This is a way of explaining, we have foods that have a general good vibratory rate. Okay? Now that means that is in harmony. There's a resonance phenomenon from that food with your cellular material, and it's genetically in there already. It recognizes the food, it recognizes it in that certain combination, in that certain time of year. And that's the height – no one can ever convince me that there's a higher diet than one that's on the vibratory level. And if we look at that, we’ll find some startling things. So, the highest foods, this is going to biologists and the Yogi people, and it's a universal thing, that the highest vibratory foods are your fruits. Okay?

In our climate, we're talking about temperate fruits. It doesn't matter what you crave. You might crave citrus or lemons, but the temperate fruits have the highest vibrations. The yogis take this even further and they say we have these levels here of all the foods and the lowest down here, they say these vibratory rates of foods is very similar to homeopathy. Everything that goes in your mouth has a vibratory rate. And they say on our energy body, they call it etheric body, we would call it the vitality, gets impressed; impressions. And they extend this to the whole idea of Karma, right. The Karma of eating foods is more to vibration and the impression it does on your energy body. Now, these impressions are from every level. If you have a grief, on your emotional body is an impression, an imprint of that grief. Okay? And then on the energetic level, when we give a remedy, we neutralize and get rid of the impression.

Now, what goes in our mouth every day is we're actually doing provings of every substance, every food that you consume, you're doing improving on. And that will be a positive proving or a negative proving. If you eat a certain diet that's high in fish, you will be proving fish as a remedy. Everybody follow that? If you eat high wheatgrass diet, you will get proving symptoms of wheatgrass. Now, if you potentize that remedy and give it to someone, you'll see similar symptoms coming out in someone that's eating a lot of that one substance, good or bad. So, all the foods that we take in air, water, food, vegetables, everything we're doing approving on because they're vibrations. If we take a remedy every day whether we need it or not, it's going to affect us on the vitality level. So, if we look at foods from this level, we’ll see some interesting things. The foods are remedies, okay? And a lot of our common foods are in the Materia Medica; celery is in there, apium graveolens in there, a lot of food. Citrus is in there. Cayenne peppers. All the spices and Kent has a quote saying all the spices and milks will be remedies for the future generations. Whenever they're consumed for three or four generations, it will imprint itself and you'll get diseases and weaknesses in organs and tissues from those foods. No theories. This is pure observations. So, the highest, most compatible foods according to biologists and yogic and Taoist are the fruits.


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