This podcast is an excerpt from Dr. Robin Murphy, ND's "Natural Remedies for Chronic Diseases 2" Lecture CD Set. Dr. Murphy speaks on Xenobiotics, Alkalinity and Toxicity.

Natural Remedies for Chronic Diseases 2
Natural Health Philosophy, Natural Detox Methods, Homeopathic And Natural Remedies For Allergies, Adhd, Asthma, Arthritis, Bowel Diseases And Sinusitis. Medicinal Charcoal For Detoxification And Healing. Castor Oil Therapy. Homeopathic Remedies, Herbal And Food Tonics.

Dr. Murphy's full Superfoods & Herbal Tonics 2 lecture is available for streaming access.


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So, this is a xenobiosis. “xeno” means foreign and “biosis” means overgrowth. Dysbiosis is when you have too much overgrowth of bacteria, mold, candida and yeast in your body. Xenobiosis is when you have too many foreign chemicals, drugs and pesticides, that's leading to all your symptoms, no one in here, but leading to the person's symptoms. And then they go to the doctor and they get another xenobiotic drug to treat the xenobiotic condition that they're in and then that has side effects. Then you might have to take a drug for that side effect. Okay?

So, xenobiosis, dysbiosis, acidosis all lead to the state we call toxemia and it's a kind of general vague state. But when we find that we clean people out, their moods are better, their sleep is better, their energy is better, all the signs and symptoms of giving the right remedy. Okay, so we do both and taking remedies during the detox, there's a good addition to this.

So, here's the drugs and – I have one little program on my computer now, it's called IMEDs and it has like 23,000 drugs, past, present and future. So, I don't know how many are out there, but I think they're matching homeopathy. We brag, we have 6000 medicines, remedies, but allopathy has way more, but they're not in the top ten. It's just like the movies. So, I make up remedies in the top ten drugs. We’ve got Viagra and all this stuff, Prozac, Ritalin, we’ll talk about Ritalin, and we can give the Ritalin to the ADHD kids, homeopathic Ritalin and it works. Detoxify them, give them homeopathic Ritalin and it's that simple. Okay, next.

So, these are the foreign substances and the definition of xenobiotics, according to biology sciences, anything synthetic created by the human mind that’s never been seen in nature. That's 99% of all drugs on the market. Okay? Because even the hormonal shots and all that have chemicals and preservatives in it. Okay? So, everything, we're surrounded, all you do is make a conscious effort. So, I've been cutting out my canned food, so I have to make things more from scratch. Now I find that I’m eating simpler. Soup and salad, I make the soup from scratch and a salad instead of canned foods. I had two shelves of canned food. Now I have like five cans left. I'm not going to throw them away, I use them up. But the idea is all canned foods are full of what we talked about last time. Salt kills more people than white sugar, white salt. So, we never use table salt with formaldehyde and silicon and 2.5% preservatives and drying agents. We use a Himalayan salt or natural sea salt with minerals in it. Okay?

So all this stuff, all patented drugs. If it's patented, it means it's xenobiotic. That's all it means. It means it's new and therefore they can claim ownership. They can’t patent vinegar or baking soda or fruits or juices, they can't, but they can take a chemical out of it and then alter it, and then they can sell it. So, modern medicine is really xenobiotic medicine in the pharmaceutical side to it, not surgery and other things, okay? All chemicals in our environments, all pesticides, all this stuff, all processed foods and drinks. Even the stuff, a lot of stuff in the health food store, if you just read the label, it’s got all this stuff in it. Okay? So, when you go shopping, not that I look at other people's carts but when I go shopping, [if] I look at their cart, I can start giving a lecture about their cart. A whole case, 24 cans of diet soda. You look at the person, overweight, diet soda, blood sugar problems, possible headaches, chronic fatigue, sleep problems, and then you look at all the food, everything in the cart is processed. Okay?

And we were in Haiti, and I'm seeing people on the street, hungry, and I'm looking up and there's mangoes hanging from the trees. They want “real food” that you go get from the ships. I'm out there looking at the mangoes. That's what I call the colonial mentality. Everything from the west is good. [If] you're rich in India, you wouldn't even think of doing homeopathy because you're well off. Okay? Only people that can't afford “real drugs” do homeopathy. So, also synthetic vitamins and minerals. No prejudice here, okay? Once they are altered and that, they may mimic it or the test may show something, it's still synthetic and even biological stuff, okay? All the cosmetics and makeup, not to upset anybody, but mascara, all this arsenic, lead. Hopefully they've taken a lot of stuff out. But there's whole companies, Weleda, Aveda – everything's been converted to natural stuff. You can get organic lipstick, everything, makeup. Now, we take all this stuff in daily. Now, in ancient India, they said it's impossible it's impossible that whatever you consume, it's impossible to eliminate 100%. That's a law of nature. So, this goes back to [the] Wedaku concept, that if I eat an orange, I can only eliminate 99.99% of it, there will be some ash residue left. So, that's why they did these longevity studies and eating less extends people's lives. It's less wear and tear on that and less sediment. So, it's both. So, all these problems we’ll talk about this weekend often relate to toxemia and acidosis. So, you'll see a lot of tonics we talk about are alkalizing and detoxifying tonics. That's the two things, we want to alkalize and then pull stuff out. Alkalizing alone is not enough unless you pull it out. But you do those two together.

So, it's a vicious cycle. We eat and drink soft drinks, teas, coffees, all these acidic drinks instead of plain water and stuff, even juices. How natural is that? Now I buy juices, but I use it to flavor my tonics. I drink straight orange juice, it's too strong, so I have to dilute them, even 50/50 pomegranate – [even if] they're 50/50 they're still too strong and sweet, but they're good flavoring agents. Because I believe tonics should it tastes good. Okay? So, this acidic consumption leads to poor digestion, poor elimination, that leads to more buildup of toxins. Okay? And then it also leads to craving of the same food, the junk food that stimulates and gives us this up and down. [If] you eat a big steak, you feel this for a half hour. And they think that's straight. A lion eats an antelope and has to go to sleep 18 hours afterwards because it takes that long to digest the food. Okay? So, this leads to all these problems. Tissue problems, [it] becomes acidic in the cells, calcium is pulled out of your bones the true cause of osteoporosis. Calcium is pulled out of our bones to alkalize us, to protect us from all the acid foods we take in. So, fresh fruits and vegetables, all these are alkaline. And that leads to all this stuff, weakened bones and all these illnesses. And every disease on the planet has some component of dehydration, acidosis, toxemia, even the psychological diseases. If you're angry and upset, your blood is acidic. Even if you're right to be angry, you're still going acidic. Okay? If you're angry, you're acidic. If you're an angry person, you're so acidic, you'll end up getting ulcers, stomach ulcers, you're burning a hole, or colitis or Crohn's disease. So, we often give a remedy – staphysagria, colocynth, nux vomica, these remedies are for people that are irritable and angry all the time. And that builds up to that, so it adds to it. Psychological stuff, psychological stress, you fire, adrenaline, lactic acid, your serotonin, all this stuff is off in your body because of psychological problems. Then we give remedies for psychological, then we detox the physical.

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