This podcast is an excerpt from Dr. Robin Murphy, ND's "Natural Remedies for Chronic Diseases 2" Lecture CD Set. Dr. Murphy talks about the Art of Living. Dr. Murphy says, "The art of living is how healthy can you get as you age. That's the art of living. So the results of our art is written on our face, and our skin, and our hair, and our bowels, and our health. It's how well we've lived in harmony with nature."

Natural Remedies for Chronic Diseases 2
Natural Health Philosophy, Natural Detox Methods, Homeopathic And Natural Remedies For Allergies, Adhd, Asthma, Arthritis, Bowel Diseases And Sinusitis. Medicinal Charcoal For Detoxification And Healing. Castor Oil Therapy. Homeopathic Remedies, Herbal And Food Tonics.

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The art of living is how healthy can you get as you age. That's the art of living. So, the results of our art is written on our face and our skin and our hair and our bowels, and our health is how well we've lived in harmony with nature. In ancient Egypt, this was the ruling philosophy, [it] was called ma'at; and that was the harmony. In ancient China it was “the way” the dao (tao) and the whole goal of life was to live in harmony with nature so we will flourish as human beings. Okay? So natural lifestyle is important. Natural diet’s also important. I'd say 80% of all the problems we see [is] because we're eating, as we talked about last class, the xenobiotic foods. Xenobiotic foods are foods that are totally foreign to the human genetic system. That's like taking us to a different planet, and all these preservatives and pesticides, our human genetic code has never seen any of it, as you'll see, I'll give a quick list of that. So, we make a conscious effort to decrease our amount of xenobiotics, foreign substances, or processed synthetic substances out of our bodies, and we make a conscious effort to pull them out, detoxify them. Okay? So, that's why detoxification is often, for a naturopath, the first thing we do. We alkalize you, detoxify you, and then we go after your vital force and try to raise up your vital force and vitality. So, we want to clean out the body and clean out the body, nurture the body and then fix the energy body. We want to use natural remedies because they're in harmony and because they're effective, not just because they're safe. They're actually safer and more effective for a broad range of diseases. And then, of course, natural exercises and that's the whole subject in itself. Aerobics and jogging and running and weight lifting are not natural exercises. And your body resists them and they're against them, it fires adrenaline, it fills you with lactic acid, same as if you're under stress. The lab test will look the same. And you just watch someone's face when they're jogging. If there's a smile and they’re tranquil, then they're doing it correctly. If they're like this, they're generating that type of energy and that energy generates and generates. So, they feel better physically, but they're making a negative energy machine and pumping iron. In all the ancient philosophies, you never saw people with big muscles or nothing. It's unheard of in human history, the big muscles. In Chinese medicine we know the bigger your muscles are, the weaker your bones are. And that's exactly what the steroids do. The steroids, anything that beefs up your muscles will lead you to osteoporosis and impotency. So, these big, strong people have fragile bones and the highest rate of impotency.

So, it's totally a delusion, okay? Health is flexibility, stamina, and hard bones and soft muscles and loose joints. So, the Chinese had a whole flipped view of health. We want to work on our bones. We know every one of us will go into osteoporosis. We know our bones will get weak as we age, so if we can increase our bone strength 1/100th of a percent a year as we age, we don't age like normal people, okay? And inside the bone is the bone marrow, hundreds of thousands of dollars to do bone marrow transplants, we hit our thighs and legs and stimulate our own bone marrow to grow. So, we want weight-bearing exercises, especially elderly people. Swimming and stuff like this can actually weaken your bones because you're off gravity for a period of time. You have to balance it with weight-bearing. So, qigong, yoga, and tai chi are ideal and they actually cure diseases; blood pressure, all this type of stuff. So, natural exercise, natural diet and all kinds of physical therapy, massages, posture, body work, manipulation all these are a part of a good holistic approach. And then prevention and hygiene. Taking remedies if a flu’s around, all this stuff can prevent problems. And the diet and natural remedies I include, I’m big on tonics. So, if you learn the tonics and the remedies, you can do amazing things for people. Either one of them would do good, but you combine them with the cases. And we're talking heavy duty tonics, industrial strength.


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