Kalachakra Qigong DVD Set

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This set includes all 5 Kalachakra Qigong DVDs from Robin Murphy

This set includes all 5 Kalachakra Qigong DVDs from Robin Murphy.

  1. Awaken the Qi DVD
    Awaken the Qi and Golden Ball Qigong
  2. Longevity Tree DVD
    Longevity Tree Qigong and Rejuvination Qigong
  3. Lotus Mudra Qigong DVD
    Lotus Mudra Qigong, Swimming Dragon Qigong, and the Golden Ball
  4. Vitality Qigong DVD
    Vitality Qigong: Qi Movements and Qi Meditations
  5. Wild Goose Qigong DVD
    Wild Goose Qigong, Swimming Dragon Qigong, Rejuvenation Qigong

Kalachakra Qigong, (Chi Kung) contains the traditions of ancient Oriental Medicine. The Kalachakra System of Qigong is based on the Qigong/Yoga/Tai Chi health and longevity practices. The Buddhists, Taoists, and Yogis taught the qigong and the yoga practices of India, Tibet, and China. Kalachakra Qigong has the knowledge and techniques for a long and healthy life. True longevity is found within the ancient qigong and  yoga health practices.

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