Longevity Tree DVD

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Longevity Tree Qigong and Rejuvination Qigong

Longevity Tree Qigong

Longevity Tree Qigong is a set of 10 exercises that improve the flow of Qi (Chi) through the entire body and calms the mind. These exercises give vitality, strength, and stamina. Try to coordinate the breathing with the movement and keep your thoughts only on what you are doing at the moment. Breath in and breathe out through the nose with a smooth even breath.

Part 1 - Longevity Tree Qigong

Part 2 - Longevity Tree Qigong Review

Part 3 - Longevity Tree Qigong Practice

Part 4 - Rejuvination Qigong

The Kalachakra Qigong, (Chi Kung) contains the traditions of ancient Oriental Medicine. The Kalachakra System of Qigong is based on the Qigong/Yoga/Tai Chi health and longevity practices. The Buddhists, Taoists, and Yogis taught the qigong and the yoga practices of India, Tibet, and China. Kalachakra Qigong has the knowledge and techniques for a long and healthy life. True longevity is found within the ancient qigong and  yoga health practices.

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